Anticipation in Communities of Vision

Anticipation as an activity is one suffused with expectation and hope. When an individual or a group of like-minded individuals anticipate a desired outcome they may quickly and easily move towards implementation of a desired future. However, in a complex society with many differing perspectives, values and cultures, one's vision of the future may be another's worst case scenario. Environmental challenges on a global scale currently underscore the necessity of navigating and negotiating these complexities in ways that enable a sustainable and resilient future for all.

How might we move toward a shared vision of the future that takes into account complex and interconnected perspectives, a multiplicity of cultures and tolerance for a wide range of values? How do recent theories of affect and materialism play into this discourse, both through exploring possible ethical and technological structures and by experimenting with possible futures?


Heather A. Moore (The Shape of Things, Berlin)

Magnus Boman (KTH & SICS, Sweden)

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