Urban Futures: place branding and the value of public space

At present, we are surrounded by a multiplication of discourses about the future of cities and long-term strategies for urban transformation. The way in which such a future is imagined and depicted today has probably little to do with how cities will actually look like in 30 or 50 years.

Yet, these discursive formations are social forces in themselves, which advance a number of model images, as the ‘Urban Age’ and so on. Indeed, territories cannot be separated from the extensive work of territorial imagination and image making.

Consequently, the various visions about the coming urban space and the type of urban life that will take place in it are worth being studied in details. Perhaps, the interest of such documents – talks, texts, videos, manifestoes, policy visions, strategic plans, projects etc. – lies in what they say as much as in what they take for granted, or simply overlook.

A whole conceptualisation of public space lies at the core of many – if not virtually all – discourses concerning urban futures. Despite the mourning for the death of public space, it seems that public space continues to be at the forefront of most preoccupations concerning the problems and promises of urban future.

In this session, we invite empirically-grounded and theoretically sustained papers reporting on meaningful cases where urban futures are discussed and urban visions are put forth. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to


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