Anticipating the Nature: Environmental Sciences and the Earth Future

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Life, mind and possibly society are based on self-organizing complexity, related to the anticipation capacity. Today, we have to face global and local environmental crisis and the questions themselves are unknown; we need holistic and anticipatory approaches for more integrated science.

Different scientific disciplines dealing with environment (including physics, biology, biomedicine, landscape ecology and sustainability science, to mention but a few) attempt to figure out the possible futures of the nature and social-ecological systems. The issue of the future is scattered across many different research fields. An explicit focus on the future might improve scientific support to decision and policy making in environmental management, and in facing uncertain environmental changes (comprising e.g. natural calamities).

We are interested in creating a profitable conversation about methodological proposals, reviews of applications, forthcoming progresses related to anticipation produced by environmental sciences focused on the future. We further invite presentations on multidisciplinary studies and theoretical investigations into the interrelation among disciplines in thinking about the future (and preparing for the desirable one).

Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

o    Environmental sciences and anticipation: approaches, assumptions, time ranges, consideration of uncertainties

o    Case studies: impacts of anticipation on real decision making

o    Anticipation capacity building and support to resilience of ecosystems and of social-ecological systems


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