Education and the Future

Education has long been understood as one of the primary mechanisms by which societies and individuals have sought to tame the future by acting on the present: future needs are forecast, educational interventions are designed, human capabilities and certificates that can act as talismans against future insecurity are achieved.

How, then, might we begin to reconceptualise an educational system that is able to build personal, collective and societal capacity to hope and to create better futures in conditions of ongoing and radical disruptions?

What new educational structures and practices – both inside and outside conventional schools and universities – are emerging in these conditions?

What new conceptions of ‘being educated’ are emerging in these conditions and which should we be working towards?

Keri Facer (University of Bristol) and Sarah Amsler (University of Lincoln) invite to participate to the featured session of Anticipation Conference 2015 dedicated to education, and to submit an abstract by June 15, 2015.